Beatrice Gibson – A Necessary Music (USA , 2008, 20:00 min)



Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel, but you can see it here.

Derived from texts by residents of Roosevelt Island, and Bioy Casares, A Necessary Music is a musically conceived science fiction film featuring Robert Ashley. The takes long, languid and beautifully pictorial – in a narration shared between Robert Ashley (perhaps one of the most distinguished voices in contemporary music) and dwellers of Roosevelt Island (a small sliver of land situated between NYC burrows Manhattan and Queens) – A Necessary Music is a musically
conceived science fiction film, exploring the social imaginary of a utopian landscape through directed attention to the voices that inhabit it.

BIO: Beatrice Gibson is an artist based in London. Born in 1978, she received a degree in Philosophy from Manchester University. From 1999-2003, she lived in Bombay, India, where alongside Vishwas Kulkarni, she co-founded the online arts and culture journal and artist collective nungu. Now disbanded, the group published and produced a series of urban documentation projects and media based art works. In 2003, Gibson moved back to London, to undertake a masters degree in the department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths College.