Artist in Focus: Floris Kaayk


Floris Kaayk knows how to fool you. He lures you in by sharing a dream -or nightmare- and then takes you along the journey of it becoming reality. He presents us a world in which technology and the body merge. A world we can imagine all too well with today’s rapid technological developments. The result is terrifying, like the body being taken over by metal implants. Or exhilarating, like strap-on wings being able to lift you off the ground and let you fly with your own arms.

Kaayk’s strength lies in his use of documentary film language and in his technical skills. He is trained as an animation filmmaker and his visual effects are good enough to make you believe they are real. In Order Electrus and Metalosis Maligna he plays with the Discovery Channel documentary format to show us cute mutated creatures or horrifying new diseases. But with Human Birdwings and Rayfish Footwear he moves to a more contemporary medium for information exchange: the Youtube video. Bit by bit he releases smartly scripted videos and messages into the world that speak to our imagination. He relies on Facebook shares with ‘you have to see this!!!’ to reach his audience. And the audience is ready to believe in his bio-technological dreams.

Movies in this program