Axel Gaube, Ilona Goldschmidt, Rainer Servos – 9 1/2 Finger (Italy 1995, 4:10 mins.)

Does the skin on our fingers make noise when we rub them together? How about when we apply nail polish?What do you hear when a thread passes through the eye of a needle? The artists who made 9 ½ Finger introduce the viewer to the micro world of our fingers and skin.We see fingers threading a needle, a dangerous game of finger fillet (with a knife) and long nails being filed. All these every day actions are shown through a magnifying glass punctuated by a suspenseful soundtrack. These and other sounds were recorded using a hyper-sensitive microphone, create a comical documentary, scratch video and clip. Big digits do little fidgets. It is a documentary film about the every day.

BIO:  Axel Gaube and Rainer Servos work as cameramen, Ilona Goldschmidt and Valeria Valenzuela as cutters.