Cane Capovolto – Evil Pop (Italy 1997, 16:00 mins)

The boyband Take That’s highly evolved personality was influenced by the beast 666’s ideas which, for those who don’t know, is the English occultist Aleister Crowley. Abba’s scathological themes and imagery in pursuit of their magical ideas shows that the presence of evil in pop culture is inevitable.These are the main ideas that the video of Cane Capovolto convey. Videoclips of Take That and ABBA and Elvis Presley are intercut with images of military executions, plastic surgery and religious imagery. Each chapter is entitled an apocryphon which suggest a secret writing, meaning that one has to look beyond the superficiality of pop culture and delve into the obscure themes they deal with. Elvis Presley is heralded as the bringer of a sexual liberation motivated by the devil itself. This cynical-ironic mockumentary shows almost undamaged material of the pop phenomenon Elvis Presley, ABBA and Take That, but the added minor additions, such as the biased narration, have major effects.

BIO: Cane Capovolto is made up of artists Alessandro Aiello, Enrico Aresu and Alessandro De Filippo. They founded Cane Capovolto in 1992 in Catania, Sicily as a kind of philosophical brotherhood.Originally, their productions were closely linked to Super-8 imagery. Later, C.C. began working on the PLAGIUM-series, a videoproject based on the non-logical combination of found-informations, images, texts and sounds, sometimes trying to follow the fiction track of the essay-film or of the fake documentary. They are also an anarchistic-artistic collective who explore the underlying mechanisms of pop culture. They accuse pop cultural icons to be fakes and plagiarists motivated and influenced by satanical ideas.