Denise Ziegler – As Seen On Television (Switzerland 1996, 3:08 mins.)

First impression dictates that something is wrong with the image, since it is black and all we can see are subtitles that do not correspond to the dialogue being heard. The dialogue heard and the words read work together in a synthesis to create an imaginary scenario and image in the viewers head. The subtitles highlight the performance and the action of the individuals in the scene, whereas the dialogue itself fills in the gaps and provides context for the scene… Video about the ability to use one’s imagination.

BIO: Born 1965 in Luzern Switzerland. Studies in Luzern at Fachklasse für freie Kunst at Schule für Gestaltung (1986–90). Works and lives in Helsinki since 1990. Studies at Academy of Fine Arts (1990–91, MA 1996–97) and Helsinki University. Doctoral Studies (2002– ) Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.