Desperate for Something Real


Specially for the Impakt Festival 2016: Authenticity?, that will commence on the 26th of October, Impakt Channel supervisor Inez de Coo has assembled a collection of video art from the Impakt archive to provide new insight into the festival theme of authenticity.

It might not seem like it, but our world is desperate. The omnipresent and anguished desire for anything real, frequently exploited for marketing purposes, is signifying a very real distress caused by Postfordist capitalism. We are slowly becoming aware of losing grip on the ever flexible, ephemeral and increasingly digital world around us. We find ourselves in this overly self-referential postmodern world, floating untethered in a consumerist vacuum. Many start on a personal quest for any kind of identity, attempting, however futile, to create an authentic relationship to the world. The artists in these videos have, in their own diverse ways that often take the form of  popular television formats like reality-, confessional- or talent shows, tried to find something true in the seemingly bogus world of entertainment and digital existence, whether it is the queer resonance of Tatu, the extreme control of Disney-imagery, the liberating feeling of Second Life, the fascinating charade of The Price is Right, the bizarre filtering of Google Ads or even the eye-opening experience of country versus city life.

Movies in this program