Erica Scourti – Life in AdWords (edited version) (UK 2012, 3:00 mins.)

For nearly a year, Scourti kept a daily diary in the form of Gmail emails that she sent to herself. The Google AdWords algorithm converted each entry into a series of quantifiable objects, brands, and emotional states, re-presented to Scourti in the form of ads accompanying her self-directed emails. In a series of webcam videos, Scourti performs the list of ads, forging a new entry into the historical genre of diary-based self-representation.

BIO: Born in 1980 in Athens and currently living London, Erica Scourti works with video, performance, online and with text. Her work is performative and satirical, often using autobiographical material seen through the prism of technologically mediated/networked life. Scourti has shown internationally at Kunstverein Munich, Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Museo Reine Sofia, Kunstmuseum Bonn and Jeu de Paume Museum, as well as festivals such as Recontres Internationales and Impakt as well as extensively in the UK, most recently at Banner Repeater, Grand Union, New Bridge Project, Enclave, and ICA.