‘Favs’ by Joris Lindhout


‘Being a regular visitor of the Impakt festival now for more than a decade and having been involved in the selection process more recently, I have seen a fair share of film- and video art. While leafing through old festival catalogs to compile a program for Impakt Online, there were several videos that I remember very vividly. I could almost recall these videos frame-by-frame, as if they were saved to my hyper-memory. That list became the basis for this eclectic program. In Ziek Core van der Hoeven documents the process he went through while dealing with a serious brain infection. In another way he also shows his influence within the work of Erik van Lieshout, for whom van der Hoeven works as an editor. City of Progress is an animation by Justin Bennett which dissects our unableness to attain utopia. In Keren Cytter’s Untitled love costs a life but in her video Four Seasons it saves one, both works quoting massively from film history. The undercurrent of tensions that is Dora Garcia’s Zimmer, Gesprache means for a suffocating viewing experience, while Erkka Nissinen’s completely absurd and moronic Vantaa will have you ROTFLYAO.’


Movies in this program