Highlights 1999 10 September 2014


For several years Impakt was touring the globe with its Highlights tapes, showing a selection of works that had been part of that year’s festival. Impakt’s Highlights were shown at several international festivals and venues all over the world. The selections show a broad representation of what was screened during that year’s festival. They don’t focus on one particular theme or program, but rather reflect the various developments in video art that Impakt had programmed that year. In 1999, we were at the exciting moment of entering a new century. A year before, in ’98, Impakt had already looked into the future with the ‘Manuals for the 21st century’ program. The 1999 festival focused on sampling and restructuring of music, sound and image, as well as the way artists generate experiences through installations, interactive CD-roms – a popular but short-lived artistic medium in the decade – and with the dawning of the internet, also websites became an increasingly popular tool for artistic expressions. This Highlights’ selection shows us different animations that work with the continuous image flow in daily life. They fragment this flow, tracing, editing, collaging and re-sampling it into new sets of relations and associations. We also see a critical view on the gallery circuit in the Netherlands in Kuno Terwindt’s Conversation pieces. In this series he shows a still image of an art work, accompanied by a conversation with a gallery owner at an art fair, discussing classical ways of looking at and talking about art. Bea de Visser films an intimate portrait of the dancer’s body and creative process in ‘Another Another’. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other – walking – is studied through choreography.

Movies in this program

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