Human Birdwings – 2012 (Netherlands, 4:31 mins.)

This video shows a compilation of the Human Birdwings project.

Human Birdwings was an online story in which fictional character Jarno Smeets developed wings in a do-it-yourself manner. The intention of this project was to share a personal, yet universal dream about flying like a bird. Technological developments of the last decade, gave this fantasy more relevance then ever before. By taking advantage of this technological revolution, Jarno Smeets designed a haptic flapping wing-system which in theory would make it possible to fly like a bird.

The story of Jarno Smeets’ ambition and dream-come-true was distributed on online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a blog. With this, the makers aimed to make the audience part of an exciting experimental online storytelling format and had them participate by sharing their own ideas, dreams and solutions for building the wings.

The story of Jarno Smeets was featured in numerous online and offline media: Wired, BBC, ABC Network, CBS, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Huffington Post, NBC,, Spiegel, Techcrunch, Gizmodo, Bright, Discovery Channel and many others.