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Hyper-real Warfare


Modern warfare rapidly fuses with high technologies. Smart missiles, lasers, drones and other weapons demonstrate horrifying, but at the same extent spectacular military results. However, the biggest change comes with developments in media and the complicated relation between war and its image. The most decisive victories take place not on the battlegrounds anymore, but on our own screens.

Speculations of experts, death statistics, weaponry comparison analytics, secret archive disclosures, online leaks and rumors represent a new cynical, but technically impeccable  approach to war, which is nothing else but the mutually beneficial symbiosis of a general and cameraman, politician and a media expert. Now, the war promotes the media and the media promotes the war, bombarding our TVs and PCs with infinite streams of information.

Curated by Sergei Filatov, who created this programme as part of his internship at Impakt. The programme was developed in relation to the annual theme of IMPAKT in 2018: Post-truth.

Films in this program