Igor Sevcuk – My Aunt Superstar 2002

Sevcuk takes the concept of a superstar and labels his aunt with this status. He depicts her life through her own old photographs. We see a mix of her childhood pictures, her teenage years and her adult life in which the pictures are mostly taken by her husband. The title of superstar makes the viewer look for special features, extraordinary actions, life changing events or trauma’s that the protagonist heroically overcame. But all we see is village life, parties, holidays, awkward poses, shy looks or a loving smile into the camera. By posing such a strong label onto a person that is unknown to the viewer, Sevcuk questions how fiction and media influence our notion of heroism in daily life.

BIO: Igor Sevcuk was born in 1972 in Bosnia-Herzegovina, ex-Yugoslavia. Since 1991 he has been living and working in the Netherlands. After finishing art school in Den Haag, Sevcuk received a Masters Degree at Piet Zwart institute in Rotterdam. In the Dutch art awards ‘Prix de Rome’, he won first prize in the category of film and video in 2002. From 2004 until 2005 he participated at the Research Residency Rijksacademie in Amsterdam.
Sevcuk makes projects in which common-life situations are mingled with positions of uncommon outsiders. At moments this shifting and unstable encounters may appear humorous, but genuine concerns are prevailing. By balancing between oppositions, such as the concepts of freedom and limitations set by social conditioning, his montage is directed to comment some of the conflicts in nowadays societies.