Janet Merewether – Cheap Blonde (Australia, Go Girl Productions 1998, 4:30 mins.)

Looped video footage, filmed at a TV equipment trade show, provides the – somewhat mesmerising –  image of a woman sitting in front of a waterfall. The image appears to be truthful, just as the statement ‘ A famous filmmaker said ‘Cinema is the history of men filming women’ appears to be truthfull. As the work progresses, the twelve words which form this original statement are rearranged to both alter and corrupt the meaning of the original sentence. Simultaneously, the image is revealed as total artifice, comprised of several electronic layers.

BIO: Janet Merewether is an award-winning filmmaker, digital media artist, production designer and academic. In 2008 she completed a doctoral research degree (DCA) at University of Technology, Sydney on the subject of innovative design and performance in hybrid documentary. She is a founder of Go Girl Productions (1995) and Screen Culture Pty Limited (2007) for the production of creative documentaries, films and digital media. Her numerous short films and documentaries include Jabe Babe – A Heightened Life, winner of AFI Award for Best Directing in a Documentary, ‘IF’ Inside Film Award for Best Australian Documentary well as of Merit Award at the Taiwan International Documentary Festival 2006. In 2007 she wrote, produced and directed Maverick Mother which won two ATOM Awards for Best Australian Documentary and two TIDF Awards.