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Jurgen Reble – Rumpelstilzchen (Germany 1989, 15:10 mins.)

In the Grimm fairytale of the same name, the spinning wheel of Rumpelstilzchen spins golden threads. In this film, spinning wheels resonate with film reels, and gold is spun by the way Reble treats his film material. After having been part of the collective Schmelzdahin for many years, this was Reble’s first solo work, using techniques he also used in his ‘Alchemy’ film performance in which he develops and destroys film images as they pass through the projector. Reble treats film as a living material that grows when it is not fixed and preserved, but that is alive when it is being transformed with chemicals, bacteria and physical processes.

BIO: Born in 1956 in Dusseldorf, Jurgen Reble is a film alchemist, transforming fragments of found and damaged footage into new works of exquisite decay and startling beauty.  In the beginning of the 1980s he began making his own work in film, and since 1992 he has been working together with the sound artist Thomas Köner in the fields of film, installation and performance. Reble’s works have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Auditorium of the Louvre, Paris; Filmmuseum Amsterdam; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. 1997 he has got a scholarship from the Kunstfond in Bonn.