Leni Huyghe – DYKWLI (Do You Know What Love Is) (Belgium 2012, 18:20 mins.)

A portrait of a modern generation for whom the digital revolution was part of their teens and ‘growing up’ is partly happening through the internet.

BIO: Leni Huyghe (1986) studied political sciences before embarking upon Art Academy in Brussels in 2009. She finished her master in Audiovisual arts in 2012. She made four short films so far and is currently working on a short film and an experimental work. She is also involved in the artistic collective Mont Saint Eugène where people from a different artistic background present work and curate work from other young artists.

As a director Leni Huyghe tries to combine stories with a modest reflection on the big themes of life such as religion, love and death… With humor, tenderness and a pinch of evil drama she reconstructs her obsessions and daydreams in cinema, the love of her life. She lives and works in Brussels.