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Apps, experiences, and other products are being marketed as if they are magical solutions to problems we may have or seem to have in our lives. We often do not exactly know how technological innovations or devices work, which is precisely why they are being promoted as full of magic and meant to thrill us in their use. However, these magical technological innovations and devices are not as innocent as they may seem. The other side of magic is full of exclusivity, secretive knowledge and privileged power structures.

Curated by Hristiana Stamou, Suzanne Verras and Xiang Yu Yeung.
Stamou, Verras and Yeung are students at Leiden University and they curated this program as part of their internship at Impakt.

This programme has been developed in relation to the themes of Impakt Festival 2017: Haunted Machines & Wicked Problems

Films in this program