Mapping Creative Internet Activism in the Arab World

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Since the beginning of the popular uprisings in the Arab world in late 2010, the Internet has seen an increasing amount of activist videos commenting on events, documenting state violence and protests and calling for freedom of speech and opinion. In countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria with tightly controlled public spheres and an omnipresent censorship, the Internet has offered young people a space to exchange ideas, voice their opinions and break free of the isolation that many felt up till then.

The project, “Mapping Creative Internet Activism in the Arab World”, takes a look at selected projects and works by professional artists and citizen activists alike. It highlights collective as well as individual projects and presents a series of significant moments, of individual statements and initiatives that began to blossom soon after the beginning of the Arab revolutions. Rather than attempting to offer a complete picture of the vast amount of activist videos, images and projects found on the Internet, it offers an introduction to a world in constant movement and an invitation to continue to discover it.

Mapping Creative Internet Activism in the Arab World curated by Charlotte Bank for Impakt Festival 2012.

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