Martin Arnold – Pièce Touchée (Austria 1989, 15:36 mins.)

Based on a single, 18-second shot from a relatively unknown 1950’s hollywood movie, this classic film constructs a new narrative out of the choreographies and emotions that lay hidden in the source material. Using the optical printer as a microscope, Arnold re-animates the individual frames from the original film and amplifies the inadvertent movements and hesitations of the actors. By insisting on these cracks that appear in the hyperscripted world on the screen, Arnold acts out an almost physical excorcism of gender codes.

BIO: Born in 1959 in Vienna, Austria, Martin Arnold is an experimental filmmaker known for his obsessive reworkings of found footage. His films are intensely cut sequences in which several seconds of found footage are taken and stretched out into much longer works. Arnold studied psychology and art history at the University of Vienna and has taught filmmaking at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, the San Francisco Art Institute, the Academy of Fine Arts in Frankfurt, the Kansas City Art Institute, Bard College, and at SUNY Binghamton. He is representative of the generations of artists making the transition between experimental film and video art.