Matthias Fritsch – Buscam, no. 2 (Germany 2001, 3:04 mins.)

Buses, trucks, cars… all vehicles are transformed into virtual black boxes in Buscam No.2. We see a (sub)tropical landscape from the perspective of a bus stop. There is a woman waiting. From time to time black rectangles drive by and make car sounds. Are these “cars” real or just our interpretation based on the image of the bus stop and highway? Is the space we see even real? This highway, inhabited by ominous black boxes, represents the toxicity of our automobile-addicted society. These virtual black boxes drive on a real highway is a brief experiment of creation and perception.

BIO: Matthias Fritsch lives and works in Berlin. He studied Media Art at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe (HfG) in Germany and Film, Fine Art and Curating at Bard College, Center for Curatorial Studies (CCS), New York State, USA. Has made several short and long movies, and media-based installations.
In the last years Fritsch focuses on the digital communities formed within internet video platforms and examines their importance in the formation of the contemporary cultural production. Fritsch’s filmic works focus on issues of authorship and property, that have recently enjoyed a heightened interest within the context of open distribution channels on the Internet. Fritsch traces the potential and boundaries of related cultural practices by way of participation. Correspondingly, his works are not only shown in an art context, but he also uses other platforms and distribution channels. Since 2010 Fritsch is the artistic director of the annual Moving Silence Festival in Athens and organizes other international events within this platform for contemporary silent film. Moving Silence was founded in 2009 by Marco Brosolo and Matthias Fritsch.