Sebastian Diaz Morales – 15.000.000 Parachutes (The Netherlands 2001, 24:48 mins.)

This work portrays the struggles of the people of Jakarta through the wanderings of one parachutist who leaps from the top of the national monument every day in search of a habitat. The parachutist is an allegory of the circumstances (pollution, commotion, social poverty) in which the majority of the population of Jakarta are forced to live – 40% of the estimated 15,000,000 Jakarta inhabitants is unemployed and faces a future holding little to no prospects at all. The virtuous, inventive camerawork entraps the viewer into a metropolitan filmic essay that, with humor and inventiveness, remains suspended between a light fairy tale, travelogue and critical social commentary.

BIO: Sebastian Diaz Morales was born in 1975, in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. He studied both in Argentina and at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. His work waves between a passion for documentary investigation and an amazing talent for spontaneous narrative, which is both fantastical and charged with utopian yearning. In his films and video installations, he constantly returns to an examination of the linguistic and visual possibilities of narration. Influenced by South American avant-garde cinema, documentary approaches and art films, he repeatedly taps into the possibilities opened up by digital processing. Original video sequences become raw material, dissecting the image and recomposing it. With this he shows the poignancy of the forgotten human drama that exists everywhere and nowhere, revealing the larger context of the unresolved social problematic that is so pervasive in daily life.