Silvia Martes – She That Comes From the Green Forest, On a Tuesday (The Netherlands 2013, 7:07 mins.)

The atmosphere of this personal collage reflects the literal translation of Silvia Martes’ name in the title. Memories, rituals and objects effortlessly merge and are inspected, ordered and re-arranged.

BIO: Silvia Martes’ art practice entails discovering and experimenting with various types of relations between moving image and sound. The narratives of her short films are inspired by the female being, shown in a created setting or as a depiction of the actual surroundings. Mostly based on autobiographical experiences she uses herself or actresses to play out scripts, in the medium of short experimental films where cinema and video overlap and where the worlds of non-fiction and fiction are woven into each other.

In her work she strives to give shape to her personal view on the world, which makes her films evoke secretive worlds with their own laws and mysterious landscapes, where the viewer is invited to pass through and discover their own paths.