Vizir I

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From the middle to the end of the nineties Impakt presented two programs on the local Utrecht cable television network: KabelKunst and Vizir. The programs were inspired by the Public Access Television system as it was common and popular at that time in America and by the illegal and underground television stations like Rabotnik in Amsterdam (and here). Impakt wanted to bring alternative content to the homes of clueless citizens and make video art a real democratic art. The local television station in Utrecht was at that time still called an Domroep, a references to Utrechts distinguishing landmark, the Dom tower. It was trying to invent itself, find a position as a local broadcaster in the shadow of the much more popular national broadcasters. Ambitions and amateurism went hand in hand, formats where almost non-existent and students, local artists and aspiring tv-makers were given ample opportunities. Sometimes there was simply no one around to stop them from taking liberties that are hard to imagine when one sees nowadays mainstream local television landscape. It is in this context that KabelKunst and Vizir were cablecasted twice a month at prime time. Nowadays the Internet is home to fringe television like KabelKunst and Vizir and with great pleasure and nostalgia we now use this platform to look back at some highlights of Impakts history on cable television.

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