Vizir II


From the middle to the end of the nineties Impakt presented two programs on the local Utrecht cable television network: KabelKunst and Vizir. Impakt wanted to bring alternative content to the homes of clueless citizens and make video art a real democratic art. This is the second part of the curated Vizir program, view the first part here.

Here you can see four out of the seven selected video art works that used to appear on people’s television screens around Utrecht in 1997. Some works play with the specific qualities of television, both through the use of the image as through the way the video addresses its viewers. ‘Prelude’ by Rene Beekman works with distortions and disruptions in the image. Beekman explores the discrepancy between physical experiences and mediated video images. ‘Copper Jack 2′ by Gertjan van Mook depicts a narcissistic serial killer, who addresses the viewer through a spectacular and glorifying monologue, performed for the eye of the camera, performed for mass media. The works by Tanja and Roderick Henderson rather refer to the early years of film. Their black and white images use simple techniques of enlarging figures, letting versions of the same person interact with each other in almost prehistoric rocky landscapes.

Movies in this program