Democracia – Ne Vous Laissez Pas Consoler (Spain 2009, 17:00 mins.)

A philosophical intervention in a football stadium. Brecht, Camus and Rimbaud are guests of football club Girodins Bordeaux.

BIO: Democracia is a work team formed in Madrid (Spain) by Pablo España and Iván López.

The decision to work as a group springs from their intention of engaging in an artistic practice centred on discussion and the clash of ideas and forms of action. The fact of working in a group in itself establishes an interest in intervening in the social sphere, by means of ideas of commitment to the real. The projects reflect a concern with the progressive setting of scenes of social life; visible, in the increasing importance of the image, and also in the gradual incorporation of the simulacrum in the different realms of daily life, such as politics, technology, and culture.

Also Democracia works in publishing (they are directors of Nolens Volens magazine) and curatorial projects (No Futuro, Madrid Abierto 2008, Creador de Dueños, Useful Art). They were founders and part of El Perro group (1989-2006).

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