Donna Verheijden – All the World’s a Stage: Ways of Seeing (The Netherlands 2013, 18:25 mins)



Unfortunately this video is no longer available on the Impakt Channel.

All the World’s a Stage shows how everything around us -from movies to ads, from literature to politics- is immersed in staged reality, everything being designed and presented to seduce. It draws parallels and comparisons between John Berger’s Ways of Seeing and the visual overload of today’s mass media, showing how actual and accurate the 1972 documentary series still is.


Donna Verheijden (Arnhem, 1989) is a graphic designer and videographer. Verheijden graduated from the Sandberg Institute. As a contemporary image maker, Donna sees it as her responsibility to analyse and criticise today’s apparent or staged realities. Her main research focuses on mass and social media, its seductions and underlying power structures.