General Idea – Pilot (Canada 1977, 18:56 mins)


Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel, but you can watch an excerpt of it here.

General Idea is the collective name of Felix Partz, Jorge Zontal and AA Bronson and Pilot reveals their avant-garde branding strategy. Blurring the lines between art, design, and life, they address the cultural myth and parody of the glamorous art star. Mockingly amusing and wittily critical, this work from 1977 challenges the viewer to ask, “Are these guys for real?!”


General Idea was founded in Toronto in 1969 by Felix Partz, Jorge Zontal and AA Bronson. The collective interrogated media image culture through now legendary projects like File magazine, as well as paintings, installations, sculptures, mail art, photographs, videos, ephemera, TV programs and even a beauty pageant. The group’s transgressive concepts and provocative imagery challenged social power structures and traditional modes of artistic creation in ever-shifting ways, until Partz and Zontal’s untimely deaths from AIDS-related causes in 1994.

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