Gernot Wieland – Portrait of Karl Marx as a Young God (Germany 2009, 0:59 mins.)

Documentary and fiction in one. About the desire for utopia, Marxism, and a different society.

BIO: Gernot Wieland works mainly with film, drawing and lecture perfor- mance in order to examine psychological conditions in society and in human beings. All works are based on memory and narration. In most of his works he includes many different layers of narration and layers of references like small sculptures, photos, drawings or drawings he made when he was a child.

They can be seen as idea generat- ing sketches or as a further level of the entire narrative system and pursue a story on various levels. In doing so, Wieland brings together his own kind of “scientific” approach with memories and fictions. An important aspect of his working practice are lecture performances, which present historical reports, personal recollections and scientific data. Accompanied by projections the lecture performances follow associative narrative structures and develop stories between a gripping, poetic and humorous sobriety and tragic-comical incidents.