James T. Hong – The Form of the Good (United States 2005, 4:00 mins.)

By combining the classical story of Plato’s cave with the contemporary images of the Iraq war this video shows that news is a reflection of reality. In this way therefore the viewer is stimulated to look at the news more critically.

BIO: James T. Hong (b. 1970, USA) is an Asian American filmmaker and artist whose works tend to focus on philosophical topics and figures, controversial race and class issues, and historical conflicts in Asia. His films and videos include Behold the Asian: How One Becomes What One Is, Condor: A Film from California, Suprematist Kapital, and The Denazification of MH about Martin Heidegger. Hong produced the award-winning documentary 731: Two Versions of Hell about Japan’s Unit 731 in 2007, which was followed by Lessons of the Blood in 2010.