Jim Finn – Great Man and Cinema (United States 2009, 3:55 mins.)

The text for this film is from a propaganda booklet about the contribution to the cinematic history by North Korean leader Kim Jung Il. Also with much bizarre film and television footage from North Korea and Nueng Phak’s cult since “Fucking USA.”

BIO: Steeped in the obsolete language of revolutionary art,” The New York Times said Jim Finn’s films “often play like unearthed artifacts from an alternate universe.” His award-winning movies have been called “Utopian comedies” and “trompe l’oeil films”. Critic J. Hoberman calls Jim Finn “the solitary vanguard of post-Communist Communist cinema”. The trilogy of communist features is in the permanent collection of the MoMA, and he has had retrospectives in seven countries. His movies have screened widely at festivals like Sundance, Rotterdam, Sao Paulo, AFI and Edinburgh as well as museums and cinematheques.

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