Johanna Reich – Kassandra (GERMANY 2008, 4:00 MINS.)

On a female face one can see excerpts from Fritz Lang’s silent film Doctor Mabuse, which like no other came to stand for the aura of its time. Lang’s Mabuse, similarly to Cassandra’s warning about the Trojan Horse, was interpreted as the prophecy of a dictator like Adolf Hitler. Holes are now cut into the projection enclosing the female head. The cutting of holes through the projection, through the fabric, through the various levels down to the naked face, uncovers the many layers of narrative, the superimposed historical seams. It is a gesture that requires us to continually reposition our own seeing.

BIO: Born in Minden / Westfalen. Studied fine arts at the Art Academy Münster (Paul Isenrath, Andreas Köpnick and Peter Schumbrutzki) and as as a guest student at the Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg | Gerd Roscher and Wim Wenders. Attended postgraduate Ppogramme at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Lives and works in Cologne.