Jon Rafman – Betamale (United States 2013, 4:54 mins.)



A non-linear portrait of a new kind of digital underground man, whose affective environment consists of violent video-games, arguments on message boards, and erotic fixations on avatars.

BIO: Jon Rafman is an artist, filmmaker, and essayist. He is widely known for exhibiting found images from Google Street View (9-Eyes). Rafman’s work focuses on technology and digital media, and emphasizes the ways in which it distances us from ourselves. He offers a way to look at the melancholy in our modern social interactions, communities and virtual realities from an accessible place of humour and irony. His films and art are hauntingly evocative and utilize extremely personal moments to reveal how pop-culture ephemera and advertising media shape our desires and threaten to define our being.

Though Rafman rarely takes a moral stance toward the messaging behind his art, it consistently asks us to evaluate what it means to be human in the context of these new and ambiguous digital realms. Jon Rafman celebrates and critiques contemporary culture, while at the same time revealing the origins of modern loneliness and alienation.