OPENING EXHIBITION (!?), Sleper Gallery: Harun Farocki – Serious Games

On Friday October 17th, we had the opening of a special part of the (!?) Exhibition in the Sleper Gallery, where a special work of Harun Farocki is exhibited.

Harun Farocki (DE)— Serious Games (Ernste Spiele), I-IV, 2011, seven-channel HD video

A four-part series, spread out over a seven channel video installation, diagrams the military’s varied uses for virtual reality simulations. In this context, the vernacular of violent videogames becomes a means to convert a generation of gamers into soldiers, and then is repurposed as a therapeutic tool for reintegrating those same soldiers back into daily life after the trauma of real war. Simulation, then, working not as a placeholder for reality, but as its threshold: a moment that mediates extremity and seeks to retrain the thoughts and feelings of its subjects so that they may re-enter the world changed, for better and for worse.