Otty Widasari – Jabal Hadroh, Jabal Al Jannah (Green Mountain, Heaven Mountain) (Indonesia 2013, 9:20 mins.)

The Impact of massive Arab tourism in West Java is shown in the documentation of a park, where women must be escorted at all times. Everything – from the architecture and commerce to the edges of social and moral codes – is designed to accommodate the wishes of the visitors.

BIO: Otty Widasari is a journalist. She was one of the founders of Forum Lenteng in 2003, a community that focuses on developing awareness of media for people through video, photography, and text. Since 2008, she became the coordinator of community development through media AKUMASSA ( As an artist, she has exhibited in national and international level, including; Translated SPACE, ID Contemporary Art of Indonesia in Kunstraum Krausberg, Berlin, Yogyakara Biennale (2013), Jakarta Biennale (2013), Media City Biennale, South Korea (2014). In 2011, Otty was one of the nominees for Indonesian Art Awards.