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    Do you want to be part of a festival full of art, music and film?

    The Impakt festival 2016 is coming up and you can help us! Do you want to be part as a volunteer in the organisation of a program full of art, film, music and experience in Utrecht?

    The festival runs from October 26th until October 30th. We are looking for people during the festival as well as before and after. We can use help in activities as build up/break down, catering, drivers, promotion, attendant, etc.

    What do you get in return?

    -Of course, a nice time full of film/video, music, new media, nice people from all over the world.

    -Valuable practical experience in the organization of a multi-venue arts festival.

    -A festival ticket for the days you are working, and when you are working three days or more you get free entry to all the days of the festival!

    -Lunch and dinner on the days you are working.

    -The festival t-shirt.

    For more information you can send an email to volunteers [at] impakt [dot] nl or call at 030-2944493 and ask for Christine.

  • Festival 2016: Authenticity?


    The value of authenticity in the post-digital age

    26-30 OCTOBER 2016

    Does Authenticity still matter? In our hyperlinked network culture, it seems that the valuation of characteristics like hybridity and reproducibility have shifted. At the same time, omnipresent marketing and self-representation strategies more than ever emphasise sincerity as both a life goal and an experience. How may we understand this paradox? Throughout 2016 Impakt, appointed curators Barbara Cueto & Bas Hendrikx will map the compelling new notions of authenticity from the perspectives of arts, technology and society, culminating in the Impakt Festival from 26 – 30 October 2016.

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