• Impakt Festival 2015

    This years Impakt Festival takes place from 28 October- 1 November 2015 and is themed The Future of the Past: a five-day multi media festival with exhibitions, lectures and screenings at different locations in the city of Utrecht (NL).


    The Impakt Festival 2015: The Future of the Past (in a World Well Documented) will offer reflections and new ideas on the future of ‘history’ and on the future of the ‘future’, including existing and new notions of ‘memory’, the ‘past’, ‘recollection’, ‘prediction’ and ‘free will’, in the framework of the almost unlimited data recording and storage capacities that are (being) developed in the world today. 

    Historical, poetical, technological and philosophical approaches will be combined to discuss the question how a digitally created and conserved memory will construct our conceptions of the past and the future.

    In a world well documented, future and past will not be what they used to be.