• Impakt Festival 2016: Authenticity?

    Save the date! 26 – 30 October: Impakt Festival 2016: Authenticity? 

    More than ever, to seem real and authentic has become vital in the way we present ourselves. Although authenticity used to be a clearly defined concept, the way something can be original or differ from its original has now shifted completely with our society of digital consumerism. The difference between copy and original has become nearly indefinable, or even completely irrelevant. The post-digital age, the age in which the digital has ceased to be a novelty and has instead become a fixture that has pervaded the very essence of society, plays an important part. Technology has become immersed in our personal relationships, our conditions of labour and art forms. The difference between online and offline is no longer significant. An infinite amount of copies exists and no one knows where the original is located. At the same time there is a strongly growing and even compulsive need in our society to be perceived as authentic. It is therefore not surprising that authenticity is used frequently as a sales pitch and has become a key concept within marketing strategies. It has become a performative, fluid and commodified concept. Travel equals AirBnB, groceries mean ‘authentic’ locally produced goods.

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    Tickets for Impakt Festival 2016: Authenticity? are available now.

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    Ticket options

    Festival Pass: € 30 (€ 25 with discount)

    Day tickets: € 15 (€ 12 with discount)

    Individual programme ticket: € 7 (€ 6 with discount)

    Combination ticket exhibition: € 5 (€ 3 with discount)


    Children up to 18 years / CJP / students and holders of a U-pass

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