Amsterdam-based collective Monnik will provide the Impakt Festival 2013 with lectures, workshops and panels. In Work Songs Monnik investigates the tangibility of our current economic system, looking for support in a world that is becoming increasingly less comprehensible. Immaterial billions flow through anonymous supercomputers on a daily basis, with constantly changing owners and currencies. We don’t know where the products in our houses, the clothes on our back and the gadgets in our pockets come from, who made them, or how they were made. Every day we find ourselves in supermarkets where seasons ceased to exist and the whole world is available in bite-sized servings. All of this is deeply ingrained in our day-to-day life, but at the same time it’s the outcome of abstract, invisible processes. On the one hand we are suspicious of reality, brands, and the food on our plates.On the other hand this world is the product of our imagination, now more than ever. In the end, we ourselves are capitalism. The most valuable possession in the average household is the car. With this horseless carriage as their starting point, Monnik investigates the (in)tangibility of the economic system, from writers living in their cars to stay out of debt to an artistic expedition to Suame Magasin, Ghana, where 20.000 craftsmen create new cars on a daily basis, using Europe’s scrap metal and used parts. Monnik seeks a more palpable and meaningful contact with everyday reality. Worn-out assumptions, ancient conventions and trite personal aspirations are re-examined, while they look for innovative social positions and heroic personal strategies in a world where algorithms don’t complain, Chinese industries take the work off our hands and craftsmen and 3D printers join forces. About Monnik Monnik is a laboratory for stories, imagination and research, consisting of Christiaan Fruneaux, Edwin Gardner and Vincent Schippers. Inspired by the tragedies and triumphs of our time Monnik investigates life in a self-constructed environment. The trio makes exhibitions, books and essays. They organise workshops, lectures and educational events, in The Netherlands and abroad, above and underground, in the city as well as in the countryside.

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