D.A.T.A. Dock 24 October - 11 November 2018


The video illustrates the dynamic relations of the contemporary data economy. If data mining is considered to be the new gold, if humans could be considered to be contemporary mines? The multi-faceted crystal seen in the film called the D.A.T.A. Dock dives into the artists’ dynamic archive. Each facet of the crystal contains moving images from the archive investigating the role of the prosumer, clickbait, the databroker as well as their Freemium services, which start out free as long as the user shares their data. Who deceives who? To what extent are we caught in the loop between what we like and what we are recommended to like? How can we train ourselves to recognise deceptive imagery? How to live in a post-privacy era? During times of drastic political changes, polarising mediascapes, algorithmically programmed information flows, it is of vital importance to strive for a bigger diversity of images and voices.


I’m not lost until I lose my memory.

Information flowing like a river in my head,

on my screen, in my interface.

We look at the present through a rear view mirror.

Show me your cookies.

About the artist:

Donna Verheijden (Arnhem, 1989) is a graphic designer and videographer. Verheijden graduated from the Sandberg Institute. As a contemporary image maker, Donna sees it as her responsibility to analyse and criticise today’s apparent or staged realities. Her main research focuses on mass and social media, its seductions and underlying power structures.

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Exhibition: Algorithmic Superstructures

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