I enjoyed the parts in your mind 24 October - 11 November 2018


This drawing bot consist of a rudimentary neural network that is fed by the constant data–stream of anarchistic message board 4-chan. Out of this data the algorithm seeks out sentences on the subject of artificial intelligence. Thereafter, the bot analyses the original sequencing of neighbouring words (or groups of words) and subsequently generates chains of words that are related by statistical probability. The created words are completely randomized and based on the associations’ probabilities of each word used on 4-chan. When writing down these sentences the bot tries to generate handwriting.

Coding: Muhammed Atif Ayaz, Gagandeep Singh
Techical Assistance: Léon Spek
Steel Fram: Rob den Dulk

About the artist:

Coralie Vogelaar (1981) is a visual artist – with a graphic design background – conducting systematic studies revealing mechanisms happening in our visual culture. She uses quantitative research methods such as image and emotion recognition software and eye-tracking. Vogelaar graduated in 2007 at the design department of the Sandberg Institute and completed in 2010 a residency at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. She teaches Design Research at the Art Academy ArtEZ in Arnhem.

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Exhibition: Algorithmic Superstructures

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