(2014, 6 min) 27 October 2018

Black Box, noun: A device which performs intricate functions but whose internal mechanism may not readily be inspected or understood. Formally borrowing from internet aesthetics ranging from YouTube conspiracy videos to instructional desktop demonstrations this piece uses new imaging perspectives to explore the notion of the Black Box as gesture of power and ideology, gestures founded in faith and illusion.

The Black Box has sublimity beyond visuality; by definition it is non-visual, a prosaic non-object, yet it has greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, meaning, imagination and imitation; a vertiginous construct; a hall of mirrors. This is the paradox but also the power of the Black Box.

About the artist

Wilf Speller (GB) is a visual artist and filmmaker living and working at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire. His work is concerned with the politics and ethics of image culture. Wilf’s work examines processes of knowledge transfer and production, often representing the patterns and structures of his own research in the work itself. In this fashion his work often reflects the experience of browsing in which a hyperlink narrative is generated through the seemingly arbitrary montage of different images, ideas and information.

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