Opening Night Part 2&3

The headlines of the festival will be featured in a varied programme. On this opening night, curators and artists involved in this year’s festival will present a quick preview of things to come. With a selection of films, fragments and presentations, visitors will get a neat scan this year’s festival.

The Oceans Academy Of Arts (OAOA) is a hybrid artists’ collective that functions as a platform for ideas about art and culture, and the representation thereof. The division of roles of OAOA participants is interchangeable in every respect. Depending on the project, they transform into artists, spectators, partners or curators. With its approach, OAOA consciously focuses on ambiguity and the anonymous nature of contributions. For this occasion, OAOA will collaborate on an audiovisual performance with the French synthesizer and electronics virtuoso Stellar OM Source in producing a series of obscure visuals of highly diverging cultural origins. Stellar OM Source was recently celebrated by the New York Times as one of the figureheads of the new Female Synth Wave.