Panorama Event Night #1: Amazing Discoveries

The Panorama Event Nights in Theater Kikker are filled with short films, presentations of art projects and live interviews with film makers and artists. DJs, drinks and other specials complete the picture. A mash-up of animation, web projects, design, cult films, photography, overwhelming images and refreshing madness.

Matthijs Munnik developed the Microscopic Opera, an audiovisual installation in which mutated laboratory worms make various elegant and not so elegant sounds and movements as if they starred in an opera.

Yaima Carrazana likes to refer to the great names in art history. With this reference, she designed various Nail Polish Tutorials in perfect Youtube video style. And who would not want to have nails painted with works by Daniel Buren, Frank Stella, Barnett Newman or Jasper Johns?

Artist Melanie Bonajo recently photographed a strange withdrawn cult, which she discovered in the ancient forests of East Poland. Closer to the inhabited world, she already caused a stir with her work Furniture Bondage.

The Italian media artists Alessandro Ludovico and Paolo Cirio recently developed the project Face to Facebook, a dating site set up on the basis of 250,000 public Facebook profiles. The consequences? Legal conflicts and a painful demonstration of our vulnerability when it comes to sharing private information online.

What happens exactly in Jesse Kanda’s short animation film Dutch Wife remains a mystery. A pond becomes one with an alien looking woman in a blindingly fair mystery.

Floris Kaayk presents the amazing new video he made with the music of Machinefabriek. An alienating piece of colourful acrobatic figures entangled in each other.

The best music of today is created by the game consoles of yesteryear. Ninentendo Gameboy, NES, Atari, Sega, Amiga, C64; they’re back! The EINDBAAS DJ Team will show you the way, through their exciting 8bit dance music.