Presentation: Let Us Praise the Vernacular

As we have become indifferent to the omnipresent multinationals, templates and logos and increasingly estranged from specific cultural traditions and folklore, we see at the same time an expanding interest in the local and artisanal. Global is no longer the default mode. For ‘Let us praise the vernacular!’ Impakt Online invited artists and researchers to present their works that are an ode to the specificities of places. From the recapturing of the ancient and magnificent Atlas Maior by the library of the University of Utrecht, to the joyful analysis of web colours per country by the Italian design studio Density Design. Loes Sikkes presented her provocative re-shuffling of symbols of national pride and graphic designer Annelys de Vet presented her award-winning Subjective Atlas project which consists of highly personal accounts of places such as Palestine, Serbia, Mexico and the Netherlands.
Moderator: Raymond Taudin Chabot.

Theater Kikker, 25 oktober