Panorama Event Night #1


Ngayurnangalku (Cannibal Story) (AU 2012, 6:52 mins) is a surprising contemporary animation that Yunkurra Billy Atkins made of his paintings, based on original, dark Aboriginal mythology.

Geoffrey Lillemon also works on the basis of obscure mythologies, but rather, a self-observed kind. Not only is he responsible for the visuals of Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz tour, he recently also created a faceless 3D actress. Tonight he gives a sneak preview of her new workplace: a bizarre brothel in an Oculus Rift adventure.

A historical reality is brought to life in Brilliant Punitive Raids (NL 2013, 12 mins). Juul Hondius takes us to Tunis in 1988. What appears to be a harmless dress-up, turns out to be the preparations for a historical event.

An entirely different motive for challenging the rules on masculine and feminine appearances is seen in Señorita (NL 2013, 4:11 mins). Frontwoman of the Dutch-South African band Skip&Die, Cata Pirata, will talk about the music video she made.

Monica Alisse’s Mapping Malala (NL 2012, 20:49 mins) presents a critical media analysis of the biased international news coverage about this Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize Winner. Alisse will show a fragment and talk.

Important current events are literally given shape in public space, with the small sculptures in Anno Dijkstra’s project Dislocated. He will also be talking about his work.

The media hypes in the public domain of the Internet are displayed as a collage in Tryna Keep They Eye On (CA 2013, 06:24 mins) by Jaymez, around the obsession of hip-hop and pop artists with Illuminati symbolism.