Opening Concert: Filastine ft. MC Nova and Kriza

American Grey Filastine, who lives in Barcelona, scours the globe for sounds, samples, instruments and styles, takes them home and incorporates them into his music. The results are original, always exciting beats reminiscent of global bass. No keyboards or standard DJ tools, but a curious arsenal varying from a shopping trolley that serves as percussion to ancient African instruments tuned to Indonesian scales or equipped with high-tech software. Filastine’s music is incredibly contemporary and together with his lyrics and visuals it comments on the consequences of globalisation, the Arab Spring, environmental pollution and the economic crisis. His music is described as post-dubstep, but is probably also an unnameable hybrid of global underground beats. If there is someone who can do away with stuffy image of that archaic term “world music”, then it’s Grey Filastine.

Filastine released the much lauded album £OOT together with his musical partner in crime and vocalist Nova from Indonesia. At Impakt’s invitation they could be seen live on 21 September, during the VJ op de Dom event. The two musicians swapped the exceptional setting and the images VJ Miki Arregui of Telenoika projected live onto the Dom (cathedral) tower for Impakt Festival 2012’s opening night where they played a longer set featuring more of Filastine’s own visuals.

Theater kikker, 24 october