Panorama Event #3: Rigid Regimes

Satirically approaching Syria’s regime is far from risk free. Amid the threatening political situation, the Masasit Mati collective nevertheless tries to put a smile on people’s faces with their online video series Top Goon. They use finger puppets to ridicule Assad’s regime. Masasit Mati member Jameel (pseudonym) will be our guest at Impakt.
In Demarcation; A Description by R. Brothers, Kok&Deiman reveal the absurdity of a utopian vision by reworking the urban plan of a 19th century religious fanatic and presenting it in a surprising new context.
Sober traditions and dogmas are characteristic of the Reformed Church: the alternative to the exorbitant lifestyles of other Christians and unbelievers since the 16th century. Henk Otte’s Orde van Dienst provides a portrait.
Tape Generations by Johan Rijpma is a precisely executed ballet performed by a very quotidian utensil. Everything is under control until gravity gets the upper hand.
Pilvi Takala created an almost unnoticed three-day intervention at the European parliament in Brussels. In Broad Sense she challenges the security system which, ultimately, is still maintained by people.

Theater Kikker, 28 october