Film and Video Production

Final responsibility for all Impakt projects lies in the hands of the Impakt curatorial team(s). They are in charge of programming and they select projects, films and videos.

The logistical side of preparing all video’s for the selection procedure and the festival is done by the Film/Video producer. As an Film/Video Production Assistant, you work closely together with this producer. You support the logistic and technical processes, such as coordinating submissions, filing, distribution processes, research for locating selected works, contacting artists and assisting the selection procedures together with the curator(s). You communicate with colleagues (external or internal) about screening conditions and you obtain correct formats of previews or screening copies.

The film/video  of the Impakt Festival usually divided into two main parts. One is called Panorama, which is an overview program of interesting video works of recent years, selected out of a large number or previewed films.  The other part is the thematic program, connected to the Impakt Festival in the Fall.

This internship provides you with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the world of arts and to build up a network. At the same time, you will be able to see a lot of different works, familiarize yourself with the technological and infrastructural processes of presenting new media, and ultimately increase your frame of reference of the realm of film/video art.

You are involved in:

-requesting film/video works for previewing or screening

-processing the many entries for panorama and preparing works for previewing;

-co-ordinating a committee of viewers to rate the various works in preparation for selection;

-investigating the availability and whereabouts of films;

-tending to the print traffic;
-contacting distributors, galleries and individual makers, and making appointments;

-financial monitoring of fee agreements and committee compensations

You are:
-flexible, social, and take the initiative where possible;

-excellent in communicative skills in English;

-precise, focused working

-motivated, eager, and willing to expand your capacities;

-independent and have active working attitude;

If you are interested in a work placement at Impakt, please fill out our QUESTIONNAIRE send it, along with a short statement of your motivation and a curriculum vitae to Christine Breur, via interns[at]

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