Production and program assistant



Programming is done by Impakt’s artistic leader and (guest) curators. This entails doing a lot of research and keeping in touch regularly with artists and other institutes in the field of audio-visual art and new media. Besides that, there is much to be organised if you want to realise a program. As an intern you help the artistic team with their tasks. This varies from taking over practical things such as finding the location of works to communication with other parties and coordination of residencies. This internship provides you with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the world of arts and to build up a network. It will help build a notion of the process from concept, to the realisation of an event, festival programme or exhibition. At the same time, provided you take the opportunity, you will be able to see a lot of different works and thereby increase your frame of reference of film/video art.

Each production begins with investigating whether a project is achievable from a technical and a financial perspective. If it is decided to do a certain project, the work shifts from research to coordination and logistics. This requires much contact with all involved, which might include curators, artists, galleries and distributors. Furthermore, much time will go into keeping contact with people from the location, suppliers, mechanics and other people who are involved in the practical realisation. The producers of Impakt are responsible for all logistics. The trainees assist them in this. Sometimes, a trainee will just walk along with a producer. At other times, a trainee may lead a specific sub-project almost independently. In general, productions are multi-faceted; the same goes for this work placement.


The festival team is divided in three clusters:

  • Exhibition;
  • Film, video, panels and presentations;
  • General logistics.


The exhibition is the part of the festivals that is most museum-oriented. It consists of one large project or several small projects within a museum-like context. As a production assistant, you work on one or more projects. Organising an exhibition is a long-term and intensive process. You will be involved in this process, right from the conceptual start up to the final realisation.

You are involved in:

  • investigating the achievability and the financial possibilities;
  • contacting artists, curators, mechanics and people from the locations;
  • financial monitoring.

For this internship you need to have a practical understanding of constructions and a technical understanding of the audio-visual arts.


During the festivals but also during events throughout the year, Impakt organizes screenings, panels, meetings and presentations. Depending on the circumstances, interns are involved in:

  • investigating the availability and whereabouts of films and videos;
  • obtaining preview or screening copies
  • contacting distributors, galleries and individual makers, and making appointments;
  • doing the stage management, arranging the sound check and the line-up in collaboration with the mechanics;
  • the financial settlement.

For this internship you need to have affinity with and a technical understanding of the audio-visual arts.


The general logistics of the festival involves all logistics that cannot be linked directly to one of the specific programs. Thus, you will be responsible for the furnishing of the festival. Just like any other festival, Impakt wants to make the guest location its own territory, with an atmosphere that reflects the character of the festival. For this purpose, flags, banners and complete new interiors are used. As a trainee in general logistics, you will be involved in their design and realisation.

You are involved in:

  • coordinating and establishing the festival desk, the multimedia centre, the bar, etc.;
  • applying for licences;
  • drawing up instructions for the booking office and the like;
  • having the tickets and passe-partouts designed.

For all internships at Impakt you need to:

  • have excellent communicative skills;
  • be motivated, eager and willing to expand your capacities;
  • have an independent and active working attitude;
  • be flexible and you can handle changes well;

If you are interested in a work placement at Impakt, please send a short letter with your motivation and curriculum vitae for the attention of Christine Breur at interns[at] Please also fill out the questionnaire for us and add it to your application.