Publicity & Marketing


The Impakt Festival draws attention to itself through making and distributing printing material, through advertising, and through writing and sending out press releases. The department that is responsible for this is called Publicity. This department is divided in three categories, for each of which we are looking for a trainee:
-Publicity, which produces and distributes publicity material;
-Media, which produces and distributes press releases and which draws attention to Impakt in the media;
-Marketing, which studies (new) target groups and ways to reach them and which tends to the development and maintenance of Impakt’s image.

You are involved in:
-collecting texts and images for flyers, the festival guide, posters, etc.;
-editing texts and having them translated;
-keeping contact with the design agency HOAX and supervising the design;
-supervising the printing process and keeping contact with the printer;
-distributing the printing material over the mail and in person.

You are involved in:
-writing press releases;
-keeping contact with journalists and editing boards;
-having the adverts designed by HOAX and published in the media;
-acquiring adverts for the festival guide and the website;
-keeping the website up-to-date (by means of a Content Management System).

You are involved in:
-organising target group research and publicity campaigns;
-developing Impakt’s image.

Your skills are:
-you have excellent communicative skills in either Dutch or English (especially with respect to grammar and spelling), but expertise in both languages is preferred.
-you are flexible;
-you want to get the most out of yourself and the organisation;
-you have a commercial attitude and the mentality of a salesman (Media);
-you are motivated, eager and willing to expand your capacities;
-you have an independent and active working attitude.

If you are interested in a work placement at Impakt, please send a short letter with your motivation and curriculum vitae for the attention of Christine Breur at interns[at] Please also fill out this questionnaire for us and add it to your application.