Impakt at the Drijf In 4 September 2011


Uitfeest in Utrecht

Location: Bemuurde Weerd

Celebrate the annual Uitfeest in Utrecht in your boat or on the wharf of the Bemuurde Weerd at the “Drijf In” cinema. You can enjoy a sneak peek of the Netherlands Film Festival, which takes place later this month, as well as the Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) and Impakt Festival’s (November 2-6) fantastic showing of 35mm films.
Impakt’s contribution is the spectacular seven-minute animation Love and Theft by Andreas Hykade from Studio Film Builder.

The film is populated by drawn characters, borrowed from cartoons and pop art. They flow into each other constantly, with such astonishing simplicity and charm that the German animation studio has already accrued many awards worldwide