Impakt Abroad: OK Video Jakarta 2013

OK Video


Impakt is pleased to be part of a guest screening event in the Indonesian festival OK Video, taking place in Jakarta from 5 – 15 September 2013.

The program is called Inside Jobs and lists the following videos:

Manuel Saiz (Spain)
Video Hacking
4’22″ (1998)

Federico Solmi (USA)
The Evil Empire
4’11″ (2007)

Matthijs Vlot (NL)
1’18″ (2012)

Mediengruppe Bitnik (Austria)
Surveillance Chess
7′ (2012)

Andrew Norman Wilson (USA)
Workers Leaving the Googleplex
11’3″ (2009-2011)

Erik Bünger (NL/Germany)
The Third Man
50′ (2010)